Newest Release: Fox & Goose Make A Friend!

Storytelling for the soul.

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Storytelling for the soul.

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Stories are the first thing that are shared with us when we are born and the first form of connection we feel. Our mission is to create positive stories that share life changing lessons. We are so glad you are here and want to become part of the Fox & Goose family!

Fox & Goose make a friend

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"I bought this book to read to my almost two year old and my four year old daughters. They loved it so much that my four year old now goes around telling everyone jokes some from the book and other of her own that certainly wouldn't have made the book! Three of them she has memorized from the book. It's the cutest thing and of course, Grandma and Grandpa love hearing these jokes from their little granddaughter as well!"

E. Hopperstad

"I love that this book is put together by a mom of two little kids who love to tell jokes. What a lovely book, and I love the illustrations."

Susana Basanty

Cute books! My kiddos really enjoyed them!

E & P K

These were so good! Even my teen liked them. The illustrations were cute too! Can’t wait to read more books!

Jennifer D

"This book and the rest of the Fox & Goose stories to my friend who is a children's librarian.
I saw the tiktok about the neighbor girl wanting to collaborate on a story. Touched my heart.
I would read these to any child."

Mom of 2 girls