Newest Release: Fox & Goose Make A Friend!

Fox & Goose Studios Introduces "Fox & Goose Meet a Friend": A Delightful Addition about Courage, Acceptance & Love to the Beloved Series

Children's books have such an incredible power to ignite imaginations and teach young readers about important life lessons. Similar to our gems that have captured your hearts already in the Fox & Goose series; Fox & Goose meet a friend drives home how important it is to face your fears while being kind and accepting of others. 

Many of you have already invested in our newest book through our available preorder and we want to take you through the creative process of creating the book you're excited to receive!


The Creative Process

Writing a book is no easy feat! It requires dedication, creativity, and a dash of whimsy. The journey begins with an idea, and thanks to Bear, she sparked an idea that ignited my imagination. For "Fox & Goose Meet a Friend," the idea of friendship and the joy of discovering new companionship became the guiding theme. 

I dove into the process, brainstorming ideas, and mapping out the storyline. I discussed character development with my illustrator, envisioning the personalities and traits that will make Fox and Goose relatable and endearing to young readers. In this installment, I introduced a new character who joins the dynamic duo on their thrilling escapades.

Once the foundation was laid, I started weaving together the plot, ensuring it remains engaging and age-appropriate. I carefully considered the flow of the story, balancing moments of excitement, humor, heartwarming interactions and most importantly a big lesson. Each page was meticulously crafted to capture the attention of your young readers and keep them (and you!) eagerly turning the pages! 

Once I completed the writing process, I involved the illustrator, where our talented artist at Fox & Goose Studios breathed life into the words. We hope the vibrant illustrations transport readers into a world brimming with color, imagination, and full of love! The illustrations complement the text, enriching the story and inviting readers to immerse themselves in the enchanting adventures of Fox, Goose, and their newfound friend.


Despite the enchanting final product, writing a children's book is not without its challenges. As the sole adult author at Fox & Goose Studios I faced numerous hurdles along the way. I strive to create a narrative that captivates young readers while instilling valuable life lessons and encouraging imagination and I never lose sight of who will be impacted by my words.

Additionally, overcoming the pressure of living up to the expectations set by our previous works is a blessing and terrifying at the same time! The Fox & Goose series has garnered a devoted following, and with fans eagerly anticipating each new installment we are honored and do not take it lightly. 

With the final manuscript submitted for "Fox & Goose Meet a Friend" it will undoubtedly become a cherished addition to your home libraries! I am just as excited to read it to my kids as I'm sure you are! 

As you eagerly await to turn the pages of "Fox & Goose Meet a Friend," join me in celebrating the power of imagination, the beauty of friendship, and the enduring magic of storytelling! 



Always in love,

Fox and Goose Studios